Radio Plus at Motofest

Hey everyone, I’m Paul, one of the Levytate apprentices working at the Media Training Academy at Radio Plus in Coventry, and I’ve been asked to tell you a bit about what it’s like for us here, and what we’ve done so far.

We’ve been here since the beginning of May, we’re a group of seven aged from 17 (Shea, the youngest) to me in…well, early-thirties. In that month, with only one of us having any previous experience at all in any aspect of radio, we’ve produced several live shows for broadcast, we’re preparing to be a major part of the relaunch of the station in August, and we’ve already done things we never thought we’d do.

The seven of us had already formed the beginning of a team at the interview, because we’d got on really well, so in the first week it was all about settling in, getting used to the studio equipment and getting confident behind a microphone (although being thrown into being live on air on the first day as a group of guests probably helped). Since then we’ve started planning shows, jingles, arranging interviews, planning social media posts…oh, and between us we’ve produced an hour of live radio covering one of the biggest motorsport festivals in the UK (Coventry Motorfest), broadcast live for several hours during the festival…and put together so much content for the station’s planned relaunch on August 5th that if you listen to the station after the relaunch, there’s a good chance you’ll either hear one of our voices or at least something we helped make.

Oh, and right now we’re also preparing the coverage of one of the biggest free music festivals in Britain, which we’re going to be at this weekend. 8 hours of broadcasting during the festival itself, and then a special show to follow afterwards.

If we’ve done that in two months, imagine what we’ll do when we REALLY get going.

We’ll let you know the answer to that in August,